April Update

April brings the joys of spring, together with with a fantastic month of school life. After a splendid March Break, we are ready to dive right into a wonderful term of renewed learning at Sunnybrook; it will bring some fun developments that will be enjoyed by everyone at school.

Now that our kitchen is back to normal, we’ve been enjoying the great lunches that are such a big part of the SBS tradition. Thanks Mr Hoff, we are so glad you have your kitchen back!

Another result of the Family Day flood is that our French Studio required a renovation that brightens it up wonderfully – vive le français!
Kids play differently in the spring - perhaps you have heard about the new toy we have on our playground. A generous donation from the Farkouh family (Andrew, GR 5) and a contribution from the SPA made the purchase of a shed filled with a marvelous set of interlocking wooden blocks, boards, bins and a small wheelbarrow possible. Our playground with its climbers, sandbox, basketball net and field for games has been enhanced by this tremendous building toy, complementing the outdoor experience for our students. A tremendous thank you to the SPA and the Farkouh family for making this possible!
As you know, being part of the family of IB schools includes shared PD on a regular basis. Our teachers attend sessions at other schools on various aspects of aspects of teaching such as assessment, specialist teaching and thinking routines. Today was our turn and SBS hosted a round table PD session about technology in the PYP, and how to implement a 1:1 program in primary school. We had a great turnout, and Mr Lem, Mr Corbett and Mr Rossiter gave a fabulous presentation.
Have a wonderful start to spring!

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Friday, April 1, 2016 - 11:45am