January Newsletter



Welcome to January 2017 - Happy New Year to all Sunnybrook families and friends! From the school perspective, the winter term provides a time of focus and renewal and a fresh beginning for students and teachers as we proceed through the program and the year. After relaxing holidays filled with family time, reading, and some work, I'm glad to be back to my routines, writing for the Newsletter, and getting the term off to a splendid start.

Our team returned from winter break refreshed and ready for a great term and we kicked off with two productive and inspiring PD days. Monday was set aside for the Avenue Road Art School to present a delightful workshop. While creating artwork ourselves, we reviewed the Elements of Art, in preparation for further work on our written Arts curriculum. It certainly was a lovely way to begin the new year together. Tuesday was devoted to further in-depth work on the 6 + 1 Writing Traits and assessment strategies, as well as yearbook prep and time in our studios to prepare for our students’ return. In all, the two days gave our team a strong base for our journey through the coming term.
I hope you all had a wonderful relaxing holiday. It’s fabulous to welcome everyone back to a great new term of living and learning at SBS.
- Irene Davy, Principal

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Wednesday, January 11, 2017 - 10:00am