March News

There are eight days left in the winter term, and much to accomplish as we steer our way into March. We are excited to see you all on Friday at our Student Led Conferences and the PYP Exhibition, and we have an exciting agenda for next week before we reach the final day of term. By then, of course, we will all be happy to begin our March Break.
As an international school, our goal is to develop students who are independent thinkers, curious about the workings of their world, and willing to step up and take action to make the world a better place. Understanding points of view, being willing to take a different perspective, and demonstrating empathy are essential skills of a good citizen and a globally minded person.
At SBS we use whatever opportunities we can to develop these attributes in our students, both in and out of class. This includes our choices of reading materials, the approach to our units of inquiry, our attempts to teach critical thinking to our students beginning in JK. Field trips expand students' horizons. Managing disputes and disagreements between students is an essential part of this learning as well. As you know, we believe that learning happens everywhere, that students thrive in a ‘permeable schoolhouse’.
March Break is approaching and many of our students will be visiting family, participating in camps and programs or traveling to interesting destinations. These opportunities broaden your children’s experience and encourage them to be open to difference and new perspectives. I hope that they all enjoy the change of routine as well as learn from new and exciting experiences. Have a safe and happy March Break.

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Wednesday, March 1, 2017 - 4:15pm