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SSAF Cross Country Meet 2017

Posted on October 24

Sunnybrook School convened the 2017 SSAF Cross Country Meet in Sunnybrook Park last week. Our Athletic Director, Mr Woodward organized a very successful day and our Wizards ran amazing races. The weather couldn't have been better!

Many thanks to our parents who came out to help and to cheer our runners on the course. Thanks to our SBS teachers for your support of this event. And thanks to Chris Woodward for taking on the SSAF Meet, with over 1,000 runners, and all the logistics that go along with an undertaking of such large proportions. What a great day!

We are so proud of our team, and each student's efforts. Go Wizards!



Posted on October 21

When our SSAF Cross-Country Team goes to their big meet, the remaining students take a trip to a park for a nature and orientiering experience. This year the students went to Sunnybrook Park. Their day consisted of time sketching nature, a nature walk, and geocaching. The groups all found their treasure at the end of the geocaching hunt, and had a fabulous day with super weather and wonderful learning experiences.

Our thanks to parent, Jason Ramsey Brown for the nature walks. Your contributions are always appreciated.


RSD Cross Country Meet

Posted on October 17

Our Cross Country Team participates in two meets each year. The first one, hosted by Rosedale Day School took place in Withrow Park. Our team brought enthusiasm, commitment, and lots of energy to the event. We are proud of our Wizards. At the RSD meet SBS tied for First Place!

GR 2 | Scientists in the School

Posted on October 13

For their Unit of Inquiry about Structures, 'Scientists in the School' spent a day with our GR 2 class learning about bridges, and how to make them strong so they can carry a load.

Parents joined the class to help with the challenges of creating a bridge that a car could cross and that could carry the weight of 2 heavy books. Testing the bridges was the best part!

Founders Day 2017

Posted on September 27

Each September SBs celebrates Founders Day, right after our Terry Fox run. A special assembly with a short presentation of our School's history and a BBQ lunch on the playground make for a great way to honour our unique past and exciting future.

This year we celebrated our 65 years of living and learning at Sunnybrook. It was a great day, our students and faculty had lots of fun, parents joined us for lunch and we had a great time.

Terry Fox Run

Posted on September 26

Each year SBS participates in the Canadian tradition of the Terry Fox Run to support Cancer Research. Mount Pleasant Cemetary is very generous inhosting Sunnybrook for our run. Students walk to the site, and as soon as everyone has arrived, the run begins. We structure the run in our Houses, each group starting as they are ready.

Students from GR 1 - 6 ran with commitment and enthusiasm, in spite of the heat. Their effort was exepmplary and we were very proud of them all.

JK and SK participate as well, running on Merton St., with the help of parents and teachers, so that they can learn the value of the run, and the satisfaction of participating in this community event.

Our thanks to all parents and teachers for making the run a success again in 2017!

First GR 1 Field Trip

Posted on September 21

Gr 1 is in the midst of their Names Unit. They took a walk to visit the two small parks on Merton St and learn about how they got their names. Pottery Playground and the Mission Ground are landmarks on Merton St, with an interesting history, including a long gone pottery factory and a little old Church that once served and an orphanage for war orphans. They also learned how Sunnybrook School got its name.


Photo Davy 2017

Posted on September 14

For many families the most important keepsake of the school year is the school photo. And big smiles are what make them so special. As you can see, there were some very big smiles this year!


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