November News

Halloween was the crazy, fun, spooky, wild day it should be here at school, with fabulous costumes, wacky dancing and wonderful parties. I am sure you heard from your children that all of us on staff  dressed up as Mr Woodward, who handled the joke with remarkable grace! Thank you to the SPA for the dancing, and to all our parents who contributed the fabulous food to round out the events. Grateful thanks to all our families for their generous support of the Georgia Walsh Trace Manes Playground renovation. SBS raised over $3,500!
Today we are sending interim reports home with students in GR 1 - 6, and all parents will receive their Parent/Teacher conference times, so be sure to check backpacks for that important information. We are very much looking forward to seeing you all on November 11th at the conferences. This year all our home studio teachers are having conferences with each individual student in preparation for our meetings with parents; our students are so excited to have a designated time to meet with their teachers to discuss how the year is going, and their joys and challenges. These student/teacher conferences give us a better window into each student’s experience, which helps us to ensure they are having a successful year in class and in school.
Our PD Day this month will be spent reviewing the 6 + 1 Writing Traits to refine our implementation, see how students are responding, and how the program is influencing student writing. Thus far, our impression is that teaching the Writing Traits is having a significant impact on student writing, and how we teach the important elements of written expression. Taking a day to reflect on the program will ensure that our students get maximum benefit from this wonderful approach.
I wish you all a wonderful November. See you on the 11th at the Parent/Teacher conferences!
- Irene Davy, Principal


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Thursday, November 3, 2016 - 9:15pm