June Update

This has been a great year, and we've made it to the best month of all - June! It's a glorious time at school; the satisfaction of  another splendid year well lived, looking forward to the summer, and saying goodbye to our wonderful graduates as we send them off to their new schools. We wish them every success.
Last week I was at Brock Youth University with our graduating class, our annual Grad trip to science camp. We had a blast, staying in the dorm and participating in the great program offered by Brock. Once again, our students demonstrated their fun-loving, curious enthusiasm for everything they encountered.
Yesterday our SK class presented How does Your Garden Grow, and today we are busy preparing the Art Show for the SPA Year End Celebration next week. As always, our students have shown great creativity, commitment and individuality in their work, as you will see at the Art Show. The SPA party on Monday evening is just one of the varied activities interspersed throughout the year that lend some variety to create balance and enliven the steady progression of learning. The Class Art Auction will be amazing. Be sure to join us!

Our last two weeks will be filled with more great activities and I know we will enjoy every one of them. See you at the SPA Year End Celebration!

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Thursday, June 1, 2017 - 3:45pm