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Spelling Bee 2017

Posted on June 2

Sunnybrook participated for the first time in the Maples School Spelling Bee.

Our students had a wonderful experience, and we are very proud of our spellers.


June Update

Posted on June 1

This has been a great year, and we've made it to the best month of all - June! It's a glorious time at school; the satisfaction of  another splendid year well lived, looking forward to the summer, and saying goodbye to our wonderful graduates as we send them off to their new schools. We wish them every success.
Last week I was at Brock Youth University with our graduating class, our annual Grad trip to science camp. We had a blast, staying in the dorm and participating in the great program offered by Brock. Once again, our students demonstrated their fun-loving, curious enthusiasm for everything they encountered.
Yesterday our SK class presented How does Your Garden Grow, and today we are busy preparing the Art Show for the SPA Year End Celebration next week. As always, our students have shown great creativity, commitment and individuality in their work, as you will see at the Art Show. The SPA party on Monday evening is just one of the varied activities interspersed throughout the year that lend some variety to create balance and enliven the steady progression of learning. The Class Art Auction will be amazing. Be sure to join us!

Our last two weeks will be filled with more great activities and I know we will enjoy every one of them. See you at the SPA Year End Celebration!

How Does Your Garden Grow | SK Concert

Posted on May 31

The SK Class performed a wonderful musical show in our Arts Studio today. They brought down the house with their Hoedown song.


SBS presents The Lion King

Posted on May 15

Our annual musical, The Lion King, was a smash hit and closed last week to standing ovations!

2017 Fun Fair

Posted on May 8

In spite of the cool weather, the fair was a huge success! Parents and teachers worked hard to create a truly fun day for the kids. Our thanks to everyone who participated!

May news

Posted on May 3

May brings a whirlwind to Sunnybrook each year that keeps us quite breathless. It starts with Fun Fair, and so many parents working to create a magical experience for SBS students. Our thanks to all of you for signing up to make Fun Fair such a memorable day.
And of course, May is also show month at SBS. The musical transforms our school into a hive of theatrical activity. Rotations have begun - the days when students move from one station to the next, making programs and props, learning choreography, rehearsing songs, and learning their movements. We couldn’t do it without the parents who come and help create the sets and props that make the musical come alive, and our amazing teachers who work with everyone to keep us on track, and ensure that each rotation flows in a constructive and fun way.
Every year we are fascinated to see our students’ engagement during rotations. The musical is a different vehicle for developing skills and interests, and often we see students shine in unexpected ways. So many of our younger students show us a different side of themselves, and our senior students demonstrate leadership in many small ways. The level of cooperation, interest and focus is truly remarkable. We are so very proud of the tremendous dedication our students put into this great event. I can’t wait for opening night!
As we enjoy better weather, springtime games on the playground, outdoor field trips and everything else May offers, these two great community events will bring us all together. See you Saturday at the Fair!


Josh Matlow visits SK

Posted on April 18

Senior Kindergarten loves the Parks and Playgrounds unit; while enjoying local playgrounds they learn about how our community makes decisions.

Today Councillor Josh Matlow visited the class to share his knowledge, and tell us about plans for new parks as well as park improvements in our neighbourhood. It was a great experience for the kids. Our thanks to Josh for making the time in his busy schedule to visit our school and enriching the learning for our students.

2017 SBS Geography Challenge

Posted on April 13

Each year SBS invites schools to participate in our Geography Challenge. We welcomed the York School and Royal St Georges College to our school this year for a lively test of geographic knowledge.

We congratulate THE YORK SCHOOL on their success in winning the challenge this year.


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