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JK/SK celebrate Nowruz

Posted on March 10

At SBS we enjoy sharing celebrations with our families. This year for the first time parents shared Nowruz with the JK and SK classes. This Persian tradition is a celebration of spring; eggs are decorated, sweets are enjoyed, seeds are planted and to cleanse for the new year, people jump over fire. Teachers and students enjoyed learning new celebrations; the highlight was definitely jumping over the fire!

Springtime thanks to our parents who enriched our experience by sharing their traditions!

Geography Challenge

Posted on March 10

A highlight of the Spring Term at Sunnybrook is the Annual SBS Geography Challenge, which will take place in April. Before the break we gather all our students from Grades Four, Five and Six to participate in the qualifying round.

Our geographers had great results, and the final was a nail biter. In the end, Jacob/GR 4, Tarek, GR 5 and Ethan, GR 6 are our finalists for the big inter school Geography Challenge. Congratualtions to all of you!

Avenue Road Art School Workshop

Posted on March 10

The Avenue Road Arts School came to SBS for two whole days to engage our students from GR 1 - 6 in workshops. The goal was to create multi media scenes for our musical, The Lion King. Students created their interpretation of the jungle, the grassland, Pride Rock and more.

Students painted, made collages, used modelling clay and plasticene to make wonderful evocative pictures for our show. It was an amazing day. Thanks to our instructors for a fabulous experience for our students.

PYP Exhibition

Posted on March 7

Throughout the Winter Term our Grade Six students work on their PYP Exhibition. The Exhibition allows our senior students to apply their skills and learning from their years in the IB Primary Years Program to this project, and demonstrate their learning to our school community.

Students begin by choosing a topic under the transdisciplinary theme, Sharing the Planet. This year they chose water issues for their inquiry. In groups they selected an area of water use and spent 7 weeks learning, researching, exploring, preparing their presentations and practising for the big day.

On Student Led Conference Day the Grade Six class presented their research and learning to the entire school. We also had visits students from 2 other local IB schools. It was a tremendous experience and we are so proud of our students. Well done Grade Six!

Student Led Conferences

Posted on March 7

Last Friday was a special day in the school. Student Led Conferences offer a meaningful and powerful way for parents to learn about their children's progress. Beginning in JK students and parents sit together for up to an hour. During this time the students share their learning in all areas of the curriculum. This includes their regular studio work such as math, language and Units of Inquiry. They also demonstrate their learning in French, Music and Phys Ed during their conference.
This is a powerful way for parents to experience the progress their children make during the school year.
During the SLC day, our Grade Six class holds it's PYP Exhibition. This is always a wonderful days in the school, a true celebration of student learning.


March News

Posted on March 1

There are eight days left in the winter term, and much to accomplish as we steer our way into March. We are excited to see you all on Friday at our Student Led Conferences and the PYP Exhibition, and we have an exciting agenda for next week before we reach the final day of term. By then, of course, we will all be happy to begin our March Break.
As an international school, our goal is to develop students who are independent thinkers, curious about the workings of their world, and willing to step up and take action to make the world a better place. Understanding points of view, being willing to take a different perspective, and demonstrating empathy are essential skills of a good citizen and a globally minded person.
At SBS we use whatever opportunities we can to develop these attributes in our students, both in and out of class. This includes our choices of reading materials, the approach to our units of inquiry, our attempts to teach critical thinking to our students beginning in JK. Field trips expand students' horizons. Managing disputes and disagreements between students is an essential part of this learning as well. As you know, we believe that learning happens everywhere, that students thrive in a ‘permeable schoolhouse’.
March Break is approaching and many of our students will be visiting family, participating in camps and programs or traveling to interesting destinations. These opportunities broaden your children’s experience and encourage them to be open to difference and new perspectives. I hope that they all enjoy the change of routine as well as learn from new and exciting experiences. Have a safe and happy March Break.

SBS at the Symphony

Posted on February 23

As part of our music curriculum, our students in GR 4, 5 and 6 attended the Toronto Symphony Youth Concert. Our students enjoyed listening to the movie music particularly with our focus on John Williams this month. We also had an opportunity to see a Canadian premiere of an animated short with live music. What a thrill!

A big thank you to the SPA for supporting SBS at the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, and to our parent volunteers for joining us.

Spelling Bee 2017

Posted on February 8

Spelling Bee finalists for each grade from GR 2-6 blew us all away with their spelling prowess! In excellent competition - with a very supportive crowd - our 2017 winners were: Sophie, (GR 2, with the word "devour"); Bianca, (GR 3, with the word "recycle"); Dexter, (GR 4, with the word "err"); Tarek, (GR 5, with the word "algae"); and Rowan, (GR 6, with the word "judicial"). Amazing! 


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