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Posted on February 8

Skating is an element of our Phys Ed program in GR 1, 2 and 3. This year we are having great weather and lots of fun at the rink. The winter term is easier when we fill the days with great winter sports, and skating is a highlight for the kids.

Our thanks to our parent volunteers who help with lacing skates and on the ice. And to our teachers for sharing their enthusiasm for winter fun with their students!

The Lion King | Auditions

Posted on February 3

The Annual SBS Musical is such an integral part of the school year and for our students it begins with auditions. Auditions for the show took place in February and most of our students in GR 4, 5 and 6 came out to try for a role in The Lion King. After several callbacks and much deliberation parts were awarded based on both acting and singing performances in the auditions. We are proud of all our students for coming out and giving it their best.

February Updates

Posted on February 3

This is an exciting week at Sunnybrook, with auditions and casting for our upcoming production of The Lion King. Our annual musical distills the best elements of our community into one big production. For our students, auditions are the first step to bringing the show to life.

The words of our mission statement – the will to learn, the courage to act, the confidence to succeed march around the walls of our Arts Studio. Beneath them our students brought those words to life performing on stage for their auditions. Learning lines, mustering the courage to perform in front of the audition team, all of them succeeding in their own way. Auditions are also challenging; so many wonderful performances, and only so many major roles in the show. I admire our students for their determination, hard work, and willingness to risk disappointment. I also know that whatever role they take on, each one of them will give the show their very best.

February is also re-enrolment month. You will have received your letter and forms this week; please be sure to respond no later than February 14th to secure your spot for your child next year. This Friday is also a big day for your children, when they bring their reports home to share with you.

I wish everyone the very best for February, and for the Family Day weekend, which will give us all a welcome break on our journey through winter term.

Ski Day 2017

Posted on January 29

Ski Day was a hit again this year. The buses left at 7:00 am filled with excited young skiers, parents and teachers. Everyone had lessons in the morning and time to ski together after lunch. The weather cooperated and the day was a success. Just in time for dismissal the buses returned with a load of happy, tired students and their chaperones.

Our thanks to the teachers and parents who work so hard to make ski day so special for our students every year!

Drum Workshop

Posted on January 12

Lion King is coming to Sunnybrook! Our annual musical brings the community together in an amazing arts effort, and a fabulous show. Preprations for Lion King have begun, and auditions take place at the end of January.

The drum and dance workshop today start the music term off with exciting learning of world music at the wonderful workshop provided by Fana Soro. Students in Grades 1 - 6 were enthralled by his presentation and teaching of West African drum music. Their drumming resonated throughout the school - it was wonderful!

Our thanks to the Sunnybrook Parents Association for funding this amazing learning experience.

PD Days

Posted on January 12

We are in the process of writing our Arts Scope and Sequence, our curriculum document for the arts at SBS. In preparation for this, and to enhance the teaching of visual art in the school, we dedicated one of our PD days to learning more as a team. A workshop was provided by the Avenue Road Arts School to explore the Elements of Art, and inspire us to use different media and teachniques with our students. We had a great day, and were very motivated by the workshop.

January Newsletter

Posted on January 11



Welcome to January 2017 - Happy New Year to all Sunnybrook families and friends! From the school perspective, the winter term provides a time of focus and renewal and a fresh beginning for students and teachers as we proceed through the program and the year. After relaxing holidays filled with family time, reading, and some work, I'm glad to be back to my routines, writing for the Newsletter, and getting the term off to a splendid start.

Our team returned from winter break refreshed and ready for a great term and we kicked off with two productive and inspiring PD days. Monday was set aside for the Avenue Road Art School to present a delightful workshop. While creating artwork ourselves, we reviewed the Elements of Art, in preparation for further work on our written Arts curriculum. It certainly was a lovely way to begin the new year together. Tuesday was devoted to further in-depth work on the 6 + 1 Writing Traits and assessment strategies, as well as yearbook prep and time in our studios to prepare for our students’ return. In all, the two days gave our team a strong base for our journey through the coming term.
I hope you all had a wonderful relaxing holiday. It’s fabulous to welcome everyone back to a great new term of living and learning at SBS.
- Irene Davy, Principal

Singing for Seniors

Posted on December 23

Our Grade 5 and 6 classes walked to our local retirement residence to sing some holiday songs for the residents of Meighan Lodge.  After singing for their audience, students share Christmas cards with the residents, and chat with them about their experiences, memories, and hopes for the holidays. This action is a highlight of December activities every year at SBS.


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