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SK presents Seasons

Posted on December 22

Do you know what beavers do in winter? How do turtles survive the cold? Our SK students study these questions as part of their unit of inquiry, The Reason for Seasons, and this morning they presented their findings to their parents. With small diaramas in boxes, drawings of animals, and fact sheets, they talked about what happens in each season, with the animal they were studying. Parents had a great time. Well done, SK, we learned so much from you!

Swingin' Holiday Concert

Posted on December 21

Our annual holiday concert was a hit again this year. The jazzy theme this year had everyone rocking to the music. Grades 5 and 6 students performed beautifully on their recorders and the Junior and Senior Choirs entertained us with some beautiful music. The whole school choir sang magnificently, and everyone especially enjoyed the scat singing in the closing song - We Wish you a Singing Holiday.

Traditions like the December Concert are highlights of the year for the SBS community. This year's music put us all in the mood for a wonderful holiday!

JK Winter Showcase

Posted on December 16

Our JK class proudly presented their learning in French and Music to their parents yesterday. Singing and performing was followed by story time with the principal, and a fun activity with their parents.

This new format for our first JK concert is less formal, and allows our youngest students to perform for their parents in a more familiar setting. They did a wonderful job, singing and reciting, and sharing with their families.

SK Concert

Posted on December 16

On Thursday, December 15, SK presented The Littlest Christmas Tree. In spite of the dreadful weather, the concert was well attended, and we were so proud of our students' performances. The show was spectacular; the SK students sang their hearts out and adted their roles beautifully. The costumes were wonderful, making for a splendid show full of holiday spirit. Thanks to everyone who helped make it such a success.

Concert Rehearsal

Posted on December 6

Music is a big part of life at Sunnybrook; our December Concert gives everyone an opportunity to share in the joy of making and hearing music. Our theme this year is Swingin' Holiday, and rehearsals have begun in earnest. This morning Grades 1 - 6 practised in our Arts Studio, and they sound fantastic!

Movie Night

Posted on December 5

Kids watching a movie in pyjamas, relaxing with their stuffies and sleeping bags, enjoying pizza and popcorn, and having a great time with friends on a Friday night - that is Movie Night at Sunnybrook. A super time for everyone, provided by the Sunnybrook Parents Association and their team of fearless volunteers who make movie night so special that 115 kids signed up to be there! Finding Dory was a great choice for the evening.

Thanks to everyone who made the night such a memorable community event.


Basketball Clinic

Posted on December 2

Basketball is a beloved element of our Phys Ed program. Students love this sport, and play it enthusiastically in class and on the playground. We are proud to send our team to the SSAF tournaments and games.

Learning to play basketball well is a welcome challenge for SBS athletes. At the annual basketball clinic at the hoop dome our Grade 4, 5 and 6 students benefit from the expertise of many coaches, as well as the wonderful facilities. This annual Phys Ed enrichment trip is hugely popular with our students. And this year our team won all 3 games! Go Wizards!

December News

Posted on December 1

As always, the short, dark days herald the arrival of December. At school, however, this is a great month of learning, singing, playing and giving, lending extra cheer to the coming weeks, as we end our first term. With our families from many diverse backgrounds, traditions at this time of year are varied. But however your family spends the holidays, we have in common festivities that bring light and joy into this dark season.
Sometimes busy December days can make it hard to find a way to make holiday anticipation meaningful for ourselves and the children in our lives. Rushing about, visiting malls, getting everything 'just right' can take the fun out of the best moments of the season. Chatting recently with parents who asked about strategies, we tried to come up with a few ways to make preparing for the holiday, however you may spend it, more relaxed, easy going, and focused on people rather than things.
I thought I would share some of the ideas we came up with – I hope you find them of value as the bustle of December gets started:

  • Baking, creating fun sweets for gifts and family dinners;
  • Crafts - making cards, wrapping paper, gifts or decorations (there are many excellent books, magazines and websites with fun ideas for creating with your kids!);
  • Sharing time with friends and family - such as a games night - where you might pull out those old favourites you always loved playing;
  • Reading special books with your children, perhaps old favourites of your own;
  • Singing with your kids;
  • Visiting somewhere like the Distillery District, the Winter Market at the Brickworks, or Black Creek Pioneer Village for a family outing.

Building great memories is one of the best parts of being a parent. Your children will treasure the special times spent growing traditions that will help them remember the togetherness more than the busyness.

Speaking of traditions, Movie Night has become one of our SBS December traditions; a special time for SBS students and their friends, and a great start to this special time of the year. We are looking forward to another fun night at the movies tomorrow!

I wish everyone the very best that December has to offer.
- Irene Davy, Principal



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