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May Updates

Posted on May 2

After a week in Vienna visiting schools and family it is wonderful to be back at school just in time for the excitement of rotations, Fun Fair, rehearsals and the rest of May excitement!

In Vienna, I spent some time at the Danube International School, an IB school in the heart of the city, reviewing various aspects of the program, as well as professional development possibilities with the Head of DIS, Ian Piper. I was also fortunate to meet with the PYP coordinator of Vienna International School, for similar discussions and sharing of experience and best practice in our schools.

In other IB news, I have been invited to present on student action at Kent State University later in May, at an IB research conference. While I am honoured to present to this group of researchers, it will also be exciting to hear the latest research about various aspects of the IB programs.

The school year is drawing towards the close. After so much learning, May brings opportunities for our students to demonstrate the progress they've made, their commitment, enthusiasm, creativity, risk taking, and their love of a good time. The long list of events and dates highlights the approaching excitement.

Let the fun begin - see you at the Fair!

Grade 4 French Play

Posted on April 21

The final play in our annual series was The Wizard of Oz. Our GR 4 students performed a spectacular rendition in our Arts Studio, to the delight of their parents. Well done, Grade Four!!!

GR 3 French Play

Posted on April 13

A vital element of our French program is the annual French plays in GR 2, 3 and 4. On April 13, the GR 3 class performed Annie to great aclaim!

JK makes wooden toys

Posted on April 1

The Toy Unit is JK is a favourite every year. One element of the unit is making toys from wooden pieces. Students experiment with tools, share ideas and create a fun toy.


April Update

Posted on April 1

April brings the joys of spring, together with with a fantastic month of school life. After a splendid March Break, we are ready to dive right into a wonderful term of renewed learning at Sunnybrook; it will bring some fun developments that will be enjoyed by everyone at school.

Now that our kitchen is back to normal, we’ve been enjoying the great lunches that are such a big part of the SBS tradition. Thanks Mr Hoff, we are so glad you have your kitchen back!

Another result of the Family Day flood is that our French Studio required a renovation that brightens it up wonderfully – vive le français!
Kids play differently in the spring - perhaps you have heard about the new toy we have on our playground. A generous donation from the Farkouh family (Andrew, GR 5) and a contribution from the SPA made the purchase of a shed filled with a marvelous set of interlocking wooden blocks, boards, bins and a small wheelbarrow possible. Our playground with its climbers, sandbox, basketball net and field for games has been enhanced by this tremendous building toy, complementing the outdoor experience for our students. A tremendous thank you to the SPA and the Farkouh family for making this possible!
As you know, being part of the family of IB schools includes shared PD on a regular basis. Our teachers attend sessions at other schools on various aspects of aspects of teaching such as assessment, specialist teaching and thinking routines. Today was our turn and SBS hosted a round table PD session about technology in the PYP, and how to implement a 1:1 program in primary school. We had a great turnout, and Mr Lem, Mr Corbett and Mr Rossiter gave a fabulous presentation.
Have a wonderful start to spring!

March Update

Posted on March 1

Bringing the many pieces together that create a cohesive school experience is like a working on a huge puzzle. This past month the pieces included field trips, a return of skating, an Open House, a visit to the Symphony, an interesting SPA coffee morning, great studio learning...and a flood. Mr Hoff and I are working on piecing things together to bring the kitchen back to full functionality. If the trades are able to work according to schedule, we hope to have everything finished by the end of March Break. Keep your fingers crossed!

We had our first catered lunch yesterday, and everyone seems to have enjoyed it. The process went smoothly, and we are happy to have a solution to take us through until the kitchen is restored. Thanks again for your support throughout this challenging episode of life at SBS.

This week brings with it a very special day: Student Led Conferences and the PYP Exhibition. Our students from JK to GR 5 are preparing their presentations for their parents, and our GR 6 class will share their learning with the entire school. The GR 6 PYP Exhibition, Fueling the Fire: Climate Change and Human Impact, explores many aspects of climate change. Don't miss a great presentation on Friday, and be sure to make time to visit the Arts Studio.

Music from Peter Pan is beginning to fill our halls as students prepare for auditions next week. In the fall we asked our students about the process and listened to their feedback in preparation for the auditions. They had some very thoughtful suggestions which we believe will improve the experience for all our actors and we have incorporated them into our plans for auditions. We are very proud of each and every student who takes a risk and tries out for a part in the play. Good luck - we can't wait to see you all on stage!

March Break begins at the end of the day on March 11th, and I wish you all a wonderful, relaxing time. Wherever you are during the break, I hope that you and your children enjoy some delightful family time together.

Grade 2 French Play

Posted on February 18

A well loved element of the French Program in the middle grades is the annual play. Grade Two presented their performance of Les Trois Petits Cochons for parents on February 17 in the Arts Studio.

Drama presentations allow students to use their French and practice speaking in a new way. They learn their lines, and in the process learn to express the meaning of their French to a suppotive audience. The excitement of preparing for the play adds to the fun of French class.

It was great fun watching the wolf try to trick the three little pigs, and and see these 3 pigs assert themselves!

JK at Legoland

Posted on February 18

The Toy Unit in JK is a perrenial favourite! Our students explore all aspects of toys; thinking toys, building toys, creative and imaginative toys, dress-up and role-playing toys, and more. They have fun identifying the various ways they play, learning important concepts in the process. Making toys, learning about toys around the world, and learning about their parents' favourites are highlight of the unit.

The field trip to Toyland is definitely a special treat every year. Our students love everything about it, as they learn more about an all-time favourite toy.


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